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If you are in search of a professional who will attend to your needs, you can’t go wrong with Dental Smiles of NC. Contact our office at your earliest convenience to schedule your consultation. We look forward to serving you and your family for many years to come.

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"It was the best experience ever actually they made me smile Kathy and Dr. Koren are the BEST professionally. They took the time to talk to me and we worked out a plan that was life-changing for me."
Estelle C.
"I had a wonderful first time experience there! I definitely will be making that my dentist's office that I go to!"
Victoria R.
"Dr. Koren looks like a movie star ⭐⭐⭐ and Kathy is great and very kind and friendly, I just love being around her"
Linda H.
"I needed to get my little one in asap for an emergency visit. By God’s grace, the office was able to get me in within an hour. The staff was sooooo friendly and Dr. Koren was very nice too. I truly appreciate their help and they were a blessing to our family."
Whitney E.
"The Dr. and staff are amazing and they show that they care about all their patients. I just want to let you all know that you rock and changing lives and don’t even know it. I’m one of them. Love you all!!!!"
Demetria T.
"Amazing when I went there they are so nice and treat you like family"
Roblox N.
"I love to go to the dentist! Dr. Koren is kind and makes sure you feel absolutely no pain. Friendly staff; from Blanca at the front desk to my 2 fave assistants- Kendra and Kathy. I had an emergency and Kathy made sure I was seen before the office closed early on a Friday. They both are so down to earth and make you feel right at home! They make sure you keep a smile on your face and are at your most comfort."
Frejuentez R.
"They were soooo professional and nice especially Kathy! Judy was the sweetest and the dentist really took his time with me. I recommend this dentist to everyone and this will be my kids new dentist office!"
Terri B.
"Perfect! I was very satisfied with the dental treatment I received from Dr. Koren and his lovely staff! Y'all this is my dental home. "
Queen A.
"The staff is very friendly and was greatly helpful to provide me with my medical and insurance information. I will be returning!"
Haley T.
"My granddaughter has her 6 mos cleaning & checkup this past week. She felt so comfortable that she even ask the hygienist questions about her teeth. The hygienist was great and explained everything to her. The entire staff was great. Thanks to all. 😁"
Pattie E.
"The staff is completely on their game! They were quick, efficient, and caring. The dentist, Koren, was great, it was my first time have anything done to my teeth other than a cleaning and it was a super comfortable experience."
Samantha H.
"I have to say I’ve always been afraid of the dentist! But this is honestly the best staff ever they always make sure I’m comfortable and well taken care of!! "
Cheyanne T.
"My daughter and I had a nice experience meeting Dr. Koren and his team today. Happy to see a couple familiar faces and appreciated how the staff listened to my concerns and supported my toddler in her teeth cleaning. We'll be back!"
Lindsey U.