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Opalescence is a prescription strength tooth whitening system used by dentists all over the country. Patients prefer Opalescence because it delivers superior results in a way that accommodates most lifestyles. Currently, patients can purchase Opalescence in one of three ways. They include an in-office treatment, an at home treatment, and a disposable treatment for people on the go. Each of them is designed to lighten the teeth by multiple shades without the need for heat or UV light. In-office treatments are very safe and take just one hour to achieve a brighter, whiter smile.

Did you know…

that the in-office Opalescence treatment is actually good for your teeth? The innovative blend of prescription whitening agents includes potassium nitrate and fluoride, which work to build up the teeth rather than harm them. In fact, Opalescence patients can experience lowered sensitivity, as well as stronger tooth enamel and a lower risk of developing tooth decay.

Frequently Asked Questions

You could be a candidate for Opalescence tooth whitening if you have discolored teeth and need a whitening treatment that is flexible enough to work with your schedule. To find out more about Opalescence and whether you are a candidate for the procedure, contact your cosmetic dentist to schedule a consultation.

Your experience with Opalescence depends on whether you choose an in-office, at home or on the go treatment option. In-office treatments, for example, usually last about an hour and can lighten the teeth by several shades while you wait. The Opalescence home whitening gel, on the other hand, must still be obtained via prescription from your dentist, but it is stronger and more effective than any other home whitening kits sold at retailers. Patients can begin to see results after just one treatment, although most people experience the greatest changes after about a week. Finally, preloaded disposable whitening trays are available to patients who need to whiten quickly – perhaps on the morning commute. This version of Opalescence is also available through your dentist and can begin to deliver results with as little as 15 minutes of wear time per day.

Yes. Your dentist may recommend avoiding certain pigmented foods and drinks, such as coffee and tea. It is also recommended that you begin brushing daily with the Opalescence Whitening Toothpaste, which can help you maintain your new white smile.

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